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WifiKill APK [v2.3.2] Download for Android Mobile – Latest Version!

Sometimes do you face slow internet problems while you have a high speed internet connection and think of it’s not the worth of amount you are paying? It might happen that the connection is not slow from your ISP’s end but it might be that your neighbor has sniff into your WiFi and using it since long time due to which you internet speed is capping a lot. You would obviously try changing your WiFi passwords, and SSID so he/she doesn’t get it to next time but what if the problem still arises and they again sniff into your WiFi or else you maybe you’re using a shared WiFi and not getting the speed you’re paying for? For these the all in one solution is WiFiKill Apk which can help you to disconnect the currently connected users on a specific WiFi network.

WiFiKill Apk Download for Android:

WiFiKill Apk

These days everyone like to have a high speed Internet Connection and pay according to it but sharing the same connection get’s the speed divided and it becomes worst for each of it’s users. You must have ever tried to disconnect the other users connected on your WiFi by going into WiFi settings but that actually doesn’t works. But to do so you can Download WiFiKill Apk which will surely help you out in disconnecting other users connected to your WiFi Network that too for free.

Reasons Behind Slow Internet Connection Speed

  • If there are more than 5 users connected to any WiFi network then you will surely see a huge difference in speed. Your Internet speed will cap many times while downloading or watch/listening to videos and songs respectively.
  • If you have kept your WiFi router away from yourself then you will also face some internet connection problems. It is recommended to keep the WiFi router at the place where you are most of the time. For me its my workplace.
  • It might also happen that there might be someone who has got your WiFi Password by using of the tools or asking or even by guessing it and has sniff into your WiFi and steadily downloading some files or watching videos online due which you are facing internet speed issues. You can disconnect these unwanted users from your WiFi connection with the help of WiFiKill App on your Android Mobile Device.

Things You Should Know About WiFiKill Apk Download For Android


  • To use WiFiKill application you must have a rooted Android Device. If you don’t have any rooted Android Mobile then you will not be able to use the application. It only supports rooted device as they have access to the binary files which helps in the functioning so it’s necessary to root your Android Device before you Download WiFiKill Apk.
  • If you’re connected to any public WiFi Network then you can’t use this app for disconnecting any user. From public WiFi is mean open WiFi network at places like Mc Donalds, Coffee Shops, Railways and many other places powering free WiFi.
  • You can play prank with your friends by blocking them on your WiFi through this application. You shouldn’t do it with anyone else in public whom you don’t know as the app is only for educational purposes and not to break any law, rules, and regulations.
  • The main reason behind developing this application is just to remove the unwanted users from your WiFi Connection but still you can also use it for fun purposes by blocking WiFi access of your Friends, Brother/Sister or anyone else you know.
  • You can go under or face any legal laws if you tried using it on any public WiFi. You can use the application on Public WiFi it is above 100 users so that you don’t get caught hold easily.

Features Of WiFiKill Apk Download:

  • You can use WiFiKill to see the list of all the connected users to your WiFi connection with the exact device names. If you find any different device then you can shook it off from the list.
  • This app shows the exact data usage and load taken by each and every connected user. You can identify the user having the most usage and easily block it from your WiFi Network.
  • You can also view the activity log of all the connected users. You can check everything there which website did they visit or which video are they streaming and much more.
  • If some has connected their Device then you can easily remove it by clicking the block button present inside application. Once any new user connects to your WiFi you a get a notification if you either want to block it or not.
  • The main feature of the application is that you can sort out any specific device from the list and take the device down(you can block it) just with a click on button.

Download WiFiKill Apk Download:

If you want to Download this app you can go to Google Play Store and search for “WiFiKill” in it. If you don’t have any clue on how to do it follow the steps given below.


  • Step 1 : Unlock your Device and open Menu on your Phone.
  • Step 2 : Above in right or left corner you will see a Play Button in White Color, click on it to open Google Play Store.
  • Step 3 : Now, in Google Play Store click on search and type WiFiKill and download the first app which comes up.

All Done. You have successfully downloaded the app on your Android Device. If you still face issues while downloading the application with the help of above mentioned procedure then you must open this link on Google Chrome. Once you have clicked on the link it will redirect you to Google Play Store(App) where you will have download the app.

Note : You should open the link in Google Chrome as many browsers does not support opening of installed apps by clicking on any specified link from any website.

Last Words:

After completing the above steps you will be able to Download WiFiKill Apk on your Android Device. If you have faced any problems during the installation part feel free to comment below and we will in touch with you as soon as possible.

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