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Towelroot Apk Download for Android Device – Latest Version!

Towelroot Apk: Android is a freeware which is actually not free because you can’t edit your root files. Many Smartphone manufacturers don’t allow to root their mobile phone by enabling boot loader. To root your mobile you first need to unlock bootloader and then you can root your mobile. You can search for unlocking boot loader as it’s different for every phone. After unlocking the bootloader on your phone then you will be able to use TowelRoot For Android to root your mobile. Towelroot is a One Click Rooting application which can be used to root many Android Device except if your device is not supported.

Towelroot Apk Download for Android Latest Version

Towelroot Apk

You can Download Towelroot APK on any Android Device. As mentioned above it might happen that it doesn’t work on your Phone either because of bootloader or your device might not be supported. Towelroot has become one of trending apps for Android users. The reason behind this could be that Towelroot uses its own created techniques for rooting purpose. The other reasons for its popularity could be that it supports a lot of devices which is not even supported by many other One Click Root applications. Before we move to Download Towelroot App let’s read some features and other information on it

Features – Towelroot Apk

  • You can root any android device with Towelroot. It doesn’s takes much time and root’s your phone within few minutes with a confirmation message.
  • This app has its own techniques for rooting Android. It is not like other apps and is capable of rooting many android devices which aren’t even supported by other rooting apps.
  • You won’t be required to use your computer just one single click on “Root” is enough.
  • It has a very basic GUI which can be understood by each user of this application. It is easy to understand and has a very common design.
  • Towelroot ensures of rooting all possible devices if your device isn’t supported then you can submit a request for “Root Solution” to their support team.
  • Towelroot works a bit faster than other apps. It can root your Mobile in not more than 5 minutes. Sometimes it might take a longer time due to your Phone’s processor speed.
  • To root your mobile with Towelroot you don’t need any external apps like SuperSu. It automatically installs the application once you click root. Please make sure you have an active internet connection while rooting.
  • Towelroot is available for free but it isn’t available on Play Store. There are alternative ways to download it which could be found below.

Reason Why You Should And Shouldn’t Root Your Android Device

  • Rooting helps you to uninstall preinstalled apps on your mobile which can help you to free up some space on your phone’s internal storage.
  • It helps to increase your phone’s speed by taking down the apps which consume’s more physical memory of your phone.
  • Main – It provides access to root files which means you can access and edit the root files on your Mobile Device.
  • Once you root your phone you lose its warranty. After rooting your phone it voids the warranty.
  • If your phone accidentally shut down’s while rooting then you won’t be able to recover your phone and use it until you reinstall Android in it.

More About Towelroot App


Towelroot is not like other applications it does what its meant for. It provides you with both root and unroots options which mean if after rooting your phone you face any issues then it can be easily resolved by unrooting your phone. It also ensures of security and provides you with all the tips and precautions which should be taken before you start rooting your Mobile.

Towelroot App is not available on Google Play Store but it can still be downloaded for your Android Device. All you need to do is follow the steps mentioned below and you will be able to Download Towelroot APK For Android Devices.

Download Towelroot For Android

To Download Towelroot Apk For Android you will be required to enable “Allow Installations From Unknown Sources”. If you have already enabled this function on Android then ignore it and proceed with the installation Guide given below. Other people can follow the steps written below to enable Installations From Unknown Sources.

  • Step 1 : First, You will have to Settings on your Device.
  • Step 2 : After opening Settings you will need to open Security or Privacy according to your Device.
  • Step 3 : Inside Privacy, you will find “Allow Installations From Unknown Sources”. Either double tap on it or click on it to enable it.

After following the above steps you will be able to Install apps from downloaded from the web directly without Google Play Store.

Now, Follow the steps given below to Download Towelroot Apk App For Android :-

  • Step 1 : You will need to Download Towelroot For Android from their official website. In case if you don’t find any working download link or if you feel lazy to visit their website then you can also download the same from here.
  • Step 2 : After you have completed downloading the app you will need to open Downloads folder on your Android Device.
  • Sep 3 : In Download Folder. Search for Towelroot.apk, Once you find the app click on it to install the same.
  • Step 4 : When you will be shown a successfully installed message then you will need the app to use it.
  • Step 5 : Now, when you open the app you will see that it starts searching your phone if it’s rooted or not. If it found that your phone is not rooted it will give you the option to root your Phone.
  • Step 6 : Once the root option is available click on it to start the rooting process. Under rooting your phone will flash 2-3 times.
  • Step 7 : After rooting completes with a message that your phone has been successfully rooted. It is recommended to restart your Phone in order to complete the rooting process on your Device.

This was a tutorial to Download Towelroot App for Android users. You can follow the blog for more information on it.

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