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SCR Pro Apk Download for Android (No Root) – SCR Screen Recorder

SCR Pro Apk: How important is recording anything to you? It helps us out in many ways but how? How can anyone say that the videos we see are important to us? And why they are? Can we all have the same answer? I don’t think so.

The videos we see differ from people to people. Many, loves to watch it for the entertainment purpose and many goes for watching to learn something. Yes, its bit true we can categories the videos in 2 different terms; one for learning and the other one for entertainment. However, we can draw more categories but in the today’s article, we require only these two. Now, I want to put one question in front of you all that do you know people who upload the videos on the famous website named YouTube, earn money?

I mean, not all but there are many YouTubers who earn from their uploaded videos. I know I placed the answer but its true friends; there are many YouTubers, who have made this video making as their career.

SCR Pro Apk Download for Android – Latest Version!

SCR Pro Apk

So, when it is coming to the YouTube, now, you must know that on this website all kinds of videos get uploaded. It can be funny videos, serious movie clips, cartoons episode, movie trailers, different tutorials and many more things. Many of the learners subscribe to different channels to learn more. I mean, if you don’t find any medium or anyone to teach the things to you in a proper manner then you have the option to switch to the YouTube.

Let’s start from the mobile, the world in our hand to elaborate my topic in a good manner. There are many people who have very high brands phones but they only know few functions in it. Can, say that they only know how to pick up the call and disconnect it. It’s not that they don’t want to learn but it’s that they don’t find anyone to teach them in the proper manner. These problems are mainly, faced by the adults or the old people, as their young ones are quite busy with themselves or they are quite far from them. So, they don’t find any proper medium to teach them.

I understand many of us to feel bad at this point that their distance is becoming more and more from their people. Now, let me bump to my point and i.e. if I tell you that you can teach them whenever you want without showing yourself, then what you will say. You can become the teacher of your love ones if you want to.

So, let me introduce an app that allows you to record everything that appears on your android mobile screen and the name of this app is SCR PRO.

What is this SCR PRO?

You all know that I started the article with the importance of videos and gave the pause on the learning point. Meanwhile, I also told you about the necessity of the tutorials and how they are important to different people. So, I feel you all got my point that I was trying to say.

This app is meant for recording the all the things that run on your screen. You can make videos and can teach the people about different things. You can make your own tutorials on different topics.

I mean, it’s not at all necessary that you will only tell about the different functions of the phone. You can record the different videos and can place your voice in it to teach the people about so many things. You can enlighten them about many worldly facts that they don’t know. You can also, share different game ideas to your friends who don’t know how to go to the next level. Check out the few pictures below to understand about this app.

The pictures are insufficient to tell you. Let’s take an example, to know more about it. In the present time, one mobile game has earned enough names and that game is Clash of Clans.

If you don’t have any idea about this game then just keep only one thing in your mind that within this game you need to go for attacks it can be Clan war or the normal Loot attacks.

Now, the problem occurs when people go at the high level of the game and they don’t know how to use their troops properly. So, if you are a clan member and hold enough trophies and experience, you can make the video of your own attacks that you do when you are in war or in normal loot and can ask your team members to watch and learn from that. So, all that recording that you would do will be recorded when you be playing. Recording the on screen things, which is a nice option to have. Here, is a picture of a different game which can slightly tell you how this app goes for recording.

I think, there are very few or can say only one or two companies that offer you to record the on-screen things but if you don’t have this function in your handset then why to worry as you have SCR PRO.

It gives you the proper relief from the computer recording (to record anything many times we need sit in front of the computer and we record those things in our mobile phones). I feel you understood my point. Let’s check out its features.

SCR Pro Apk Features-

  • You can record the things up to an hour which is the plus point that this app has.
  • You can also record your audio using the microphone.
  • This app of offers you the proper user interface which provides a very smooth and nice experience to you.
  • You have every control and options that are accessible inside the app. You can also set the HD recording sessions if you want to.
  • You can also set your preferred configuration and save them to Presets so that you don’t have to go for changing the same settings.
  • In the app, you will find the countdown timer which is fully customized. It is a quite useful feature as this allows you to set up your HD screen recording flawlessly.
  • You also have two options to stop the recording sessions. One you can shake the phone or just press the phone’s button to switch off the screen.

Such amazing features must be alluring you all and I know you all are now interested to know how to download it. So, read below to know the steps.

How to download this app?

This app is quite unique, useful and authorized.so, you can easily download it from the Google Play Store.

Pros and cons-

When it comes to pros then I would love to say that this is a quite unique app that can help you and others in many ways. You can tutorial videos with it.

This app also allows you to record the HD quality videos. The accessible features present within this app are quite useful. The duration that this app provides is also enough for recording anything.

When I come to the cons then I want to add few things to which the users are pointing out every time. They all are saying that they are not able to watch their recorded videos, which has become the most prominent problems amongst its users.

Well, this problem has reached to the software developer’s desk. So, it will sort out very soon.

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