Root Explorer Apk 4.1.1 for Android Download – Latest Version!

Though android in its most restricted (and rather safe) from is enough for the users to have an astonishing smartphone experience, but there are some users who like to explore what lies beneath. It is a known fact that keeping the smartphone’s safety as well as user’s security and privacy in mind, the developers have hidden some of the “classified files” and tasks in the system that user doesn’t have direct access to.

In fact, the device’s warranty depends on whether these access restrictions are intact or not. But having said that, carefully jailbreaking the device, or in simpler terms, skillfully gaining the access to this so called, “root file system” gives the user powers that makes him explore some mind blowing features in the smartphone. The so-called “rooting” of the smartphone enables to explore a whole different range of tools and applications that the simple smartphones restricts for some reason or the other.

Root Explorer Apk for Android – Download

Root Explorer Apk

But having gained the root access to the device isn’t enough, you need to have a proper file system that lets you easily visit all the hidden and non-hidden files to let you enjoy the newly attained powers of your smartphone. This is where Root Explorer APK comes into play. Essentially a file explorer, Root Explore APK is primarily meant for the devices with root access. Developed by Speed Software developers, this app is a must have to easily explore the file system end exploring the unchartered territories of the device which were till now restricted.

Once you have the root access to your android device, Root access helps you in exploring its whole file system. Which means even the folders that once were hidden and well covered can now be easily accessed.Along with this, there are certain features in the tool that make it distinct from its competitors like:

Root Explorer Apk  for Android Download – Latest Update!

Root Explorer App

• A smooth interface that can be understood and well-used by anyone. The specialty lies in an easy scrolling feature that lets you explore the file system more easily.
• The ability to use multiple tabs at a time
• Enabling the access to Google Drive too
• Easy compatibility with the Dropbox as well as the network support
• Ability to extract not only the zip files but also other compressed files like tar, gzip, rar archives etc.
• Multiple Select Feature
• Facility to execute scripts
• Options for easy search like “Go to Parent” for any appearing search item
• Feature for remount and editing the permissions
• Bookmarking Feature
• Easy Sharing of files by the help of Bluetooth, email etc.
• Easy browsing due to image thumbnails
• An SQLite Database Viewer
• Multilingual, so that the users can use it in their preferred language
• A Smart Text Editor
• A binary XML viewer for APK files
• Facility to edit the owner or group for a file
• Availability of symbolic links
• The “Open With” feature
• Ability to create shortcuts and much more

Gone are the days when such file explorers for the rooted devices were heavy and occupied a lot of space. Root Explorer is not only easy to use but its APK is reduced in size so that the user doesn’t have to be worried about the space issues. It is recommended that you go for the latest available version of the tool. The new version has had the SD Card authorization issue fixed for the Marshmallow version of Android. Not only that, Speed Software developers also claim that the device is designed to be smoothly running with the Android N version.


Handling a rooted android device is a crucial task that needs care and skill. Any unwanted amendment in a critical file may end up damaging the device. But if done carefully, it lets the user install some very useful tool that makes the smartphone experience better. Root Explorer not only lets the user explore the whole file system of the device but if handled properly, it lets the developers play with the smartphone adding some distinct feature to it that no other smartphone can provide to the users.

Apart from being the prime option for the rooted devices, Root Explorer can also be used as a standard file explorer by the user who don’t yet have their devices rooted. So download and install it on your device and enjoy this smart file explorer.

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