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Psiphon Apk: Annoyed by all the warning and restrictions that you are recently receiving while visiting few of the sites like free messaging, adult sites or you favourite torrent site on you smartphone or tablet? There can be a lot of reason why this can happen. This can occur for the fact that your country has restricted access to few of these sites and also for the fact that the particular site is now permanently in your country by the access provider.

Psiphon Apk Download for Android – Latest Version!

Psiphon Apk

No matter what the reason is, it can be annoying if suddenly you have visited the site which you have been using to download your favourite stuff. And this can turn into a nightmare if you have just paid for a monthly subscription, and then this site gets blocked in your country. So what can you do in situations like this? Well if you don’t know what to do abjectly then you won’t be able to solve this problem as this requires good technique information to crack into the website even after the site is blocked in your country.

Wait … did I say it’s going to be hard? Well yes if you don’t have Psiphon by your side of course. What is Psiphon? Let’s discuss about Psiphon and learn how it can help you out with allowing you access to your desired blocked/restricted site.

About Psiphon & Its Amazing Features:


Psiphon is a fantastic app which helps you to access all the blocked or restricted websites even after they have been blocked from your countries database. With Psiphon, you will have the freedom of accessing the Internet without any restriction to any website.

With over millions of user and more counting every second,  from over 200 countries are using Psiphon as their free ticket for accessing all the sites that they want sitting right at their home fro their smartphone or tablet. No matter what the reason is why you can’t access a site which can be blocked, unavailable, censored with Psiphon by your side it would be as stealing candy from a kid to access those no matter which part of the world you live in.

Psiphon is one of the best tools which allows you will the access of any internet accessibility and even wen it comes to your WiFi service security this app will help you to provide you with a little more security. Saying that now look into few of the features that you will be able to enjoy using this app.

Psiphon Apk Features:

  • Choose your protocol which you want to select from to access the internet without any lag, security options or for reliability.
  • The app tracking option allows you to track down how much traffic you have spent on the particular site.
  • And the best feature is that it is just an open market app which means you will be able to use this app without paying a penny for it.

And so with these amazing features right at your hands, if you want to download this app now let me take your though few additional information that you will need to know before you download this app.

  • Size of the app: 11 MegaByte
  • Required Android Version: 2.3 or up
  • Content Rating: Rated as 3+
  • Number of Installation: 1,000,000 to 5,000,000

So with this information at you hand hope now you will be able to download and install this app to help you access all the site that you want to access. If you are facing any problem then leave a comment below. Enjoy.

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