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Netflix Apk Download for Android [Latest Version] – Official Apk

Netflix Apk: Admit this, we all love to watch movies in theaters and want to spend some good time there. But the biggest problem is, we do not have much time to go to the theater and watch movies. Most of us have a busy schedule due to which we can not go to theaters even once in a month and also miss our favorite daily TV shows while working outside.

So, in this situation what to do? Should we ignore the latest movies and miss our favorite TV serials and sit at home or office and just keep working? Well, I don’t think so.

Netflix Apk Download for Android Device – Latest Version!

Netflix Apk

Technology has changed everything and smartphones are one of the major part of it. Nowadays smartphones have smart features which include apps for every need. Nowadays for your daily needs, there are many apps available using which you can make your life easier. As we are talking about movies, then I hope you are aware of NETFLIX. Aren’t you?

Before proceeding further to the main part of this article, let me give you some brief introduction of Netflix in case you are still not aware of it.

About Netflix Apk download: A house of entertainment!

Netflix is the most popular and trending subscription based service which provides the largest library of movies and TV shows anytime you want. All you have to do is, choose a plan and enjoy a variety of movies and TV serials.

Previously, Netflix was available for PC and Smart TV’s, but now they have come up with their dedicated mobile app. Yes, you heard it right!


Netflix is now available in mobiles phones; that means you don’t need to carry a laptop with you for watching movies or TV shows, but you just have to carry your smartphone with you and enjoy.

So, this is the basic information you got, now it’s time to know which are the great features available in Netflix app which makes it a perfect entertaining app. Let’s check out:

Features of Netflix Apk download:

  • If you download the Netflix app and become a member of it, then you will get the access to watch unlimited movies and TV shows anytime and anywhere you want.
  • The second feature which I and many of you like is, the Subscription, unlike any other similar apps, Netflix has very low subscription charges. So you don’t have to worry more about your cable tv subscriptions and Netflix subscriptions because Netflix itself can fulfill your cable TV needs and even more than that.
  • If you download Netflix and pay the subscription, you will gain access to the world of unlimited movies and TV shows of every genre. So, you will get categories like action, adventure, thriller, romantic, comedy, anime, drama, etc. everything at the same place in the Netflix app.
  • The best thing about having Netflix in your smartphone is you can watch movies and TV shows anytime you want, and anywhere you like. So, it doesn’t matter whether you are in the office or in the back seat of your car or at college, you can watch your favorite TV shows on the go.
  • You may think if there are thousands of movies and TV shows then how can you find your favorite movies there? Well, there is search option where you need to enter the title of the film or show, and you will get all the results instantly. Isn’t it very easy?
  • You have the option to rate the movies and TV shows which will work as feedback for the makers of the app, and they will suggest you movies and TV show next time you open the app. Simple?
  • Another cool feature of this app is, suppose you have start watching any video on your smartphone and pause it, after that you log in with another device, now you can resume the video on the second device from the point you paused earlier. This option is available for your TV, gaming device, any BLURAY player, etc.

So, you can see this app has plenty of useful features which you can get from the Netflix app. Now, if you are convinced enough and want to download the Netflix app then below I am going to tell you the easiest ways to download Netflix apk on your smartphone.

Netflix Apk Download? How to

Here I am going to share two easiest ways to download Netflix app on your smartphone. The official Netflix app is available in Google play store for Android phones which you can easily download. Below are the simple steps following which you can get this app.



  • Go to Google Playstore on your smartphone. There you need to type “Netflix” on the top and hit on the search. You will see the official Netflix app which has a size of around 15 MB. This app has downloaded by more than 100 million and have 4.4 start ratings.


  • There is an alternative method to download Netflix apk as well. Go to google and search with the term “Netflix apk download” and you will see get many sites which provide the apk file of the app. But make sure the app version is latest and the site is genuine. After downloading the apk file, you have to install it by clicking on the apk file. But before that, you have to go to settings of your smartphone and in the security, option allows the “Unknown sources.”

NOTE: Please note that there are many fake sites available which provide fake apps which consists viruses and which may harm your smartphones system. So, make sure the site is genuine and trusted from where you are downloading the apk file.


You can see this is worth downloading app, but if you are still hesitating to spend some bucks for the Netflix subscription, then I have good news for you. If you are a new user of Netflix and creating an account for the first time, then you will get the 1 month of free subscription with full access to the app as well movies and tv shows. Isn’t it amazing?

So, before you spend any money, you can try this app for first 30 days and pay later for upcoming moths if you like or uninstall as per your choice. Netflix will start billing you after the first 30 days is over, and you can cancel before that. But I don’t think you will cancel the subscription because who will wish to stop their entertainment for few bucks per month.

Last Words…

Here in this article, I have discussed all the features of Netflix and also told you how to download Netflix APK right on your smartphone as well. I hope you have liked this app and going to download today and enjoy your free first 1 month and continue for future. Thank you for reading this article till this last line.

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