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MX Player Apk 1.8.6 for Android Download – Best Audio and Video Player!

MX Player Apk: There are lots of options available with android operating systems among which is the capabilities of playing different kinds of video and audio files on the device. All user need is a good application to perform these operations. MX PLAYER name pops up in the user minds when they think of an app for playing various kinds of audio and videos files. The MX PLAYER app is a free application and the most advanced type of audio and video player available over the internet. The users for this awesome app is increasing day by day and it’s quite popular among the various similar type of application.

MX Player Apk 1.8.9 Free Download

MX Player Apk

MX PLAYER can be used for watching movies and videos and listening to audio files available on the user’s device. This app can be also used for streaming of online videos and movies if web browser allows playing videos from the external media player. Due to its simple and user-friendly interface, it’s quite popular among the people. The gestures and other important feature of this app make its comfortable to be used over many android devices and tablets.

The controls available with this app makes the video playing experience of this app quite enjoyable. The MX PLAYER app is developed by the j2 interactive developers. The last progradation of this app to its latest version MX PLAYER 1.8.8 was done on 21st September 2016. The file size of this app is 17.5 MB . the required platform for this app to function properly is android version 2.2 and higher.



MX PLAYER app provides a lot of unique features for its user to unlock . this app runs almost all the available media formats. The following are the features available for the app:

  • Technology: MX PLAYER app which is developed by the J2 interactive uses the open source codec technology which helps the app to run almost all the popular media formats.
  • Hd video files: this application is capable of playing videos and audios of high definition . therefore this becomes easier for the user to view the videos in high definition just like they do with the PC and television . the only thing which the app requires for the playing of high definition videos is faster CPU and GPU which can handle the processing smoothly while the playback of videos.
  • Installation: the installation of this app is quite easy and mx player can be installed on any android devices . therefore no special specifications are required for the installation of this app.
  • MX PLAYER is a lot easier and user-friendly app to be used . its interface is user-friendly and is easily understandable.
  • The playback size of the videos can be adjusted according to the user requirements.
  • This app contains the feature of zooming in and zooming out of the videos. The resolution of the playback videos can be easily changed according to the user’s comfort .
  • The brightness of this app can be easily adjusted through the settings of the app.
  • The volume can be increased decreased or boosted by just swiping on the app screen.
  • The playback display can be rotated. the user gets the option of enabling subtitles for the playback videos and can also change the font size of the subtitles.
  • Other features of this app include the battery and clock display , displaying of elapsed time, auto-hide soft buttons and also the multi-touch support.
  • The supported video formats are avi,3gp, m4v,mov,mp4,wmv,rmvb,mkv,ts,mpg,flv and many more.
  • The supported subtitles formats available for the user are .ssa,.ass,.smi,.mpl,.psb,.txt and .vtt.
  • Unsynchronized subtitles can be also synchronized using the sync option from subtitle settings.
  • The media player supports hardware acceleration which uses the decoding process thus increasing the playback quality of the video.
  • The mx player provides its user with lock feature which keeps the other function of the device safe .


The installation process of mx player apk is quite simple and can be easily done. The following are the steps for the installation of this app:


  • Choose a trusted website or apk market to download the MX PLAYER apk. Download the apk from the website recommended .
  • Before installing the apk do check that your device allows installation from unknown sources . if not, then allow the installation from a third party or unknown sources by changing the settings for your device.
  • Install the apk over your device by simply clicking the install button and accepting the terms and condition of the app.
  • After the successful installation process, user can see the icon of MX PLAYER over the device home screen.
  • Got it , now open and stream into the seamless world of video playback.


The MX PLAYER app is probably the best media player app available in the market. With the recently updated features and interface of this app, this app is going to reach new heights. User gets totally attached to this user-friendly and addictive media player. So why waiting, tune into the world of uninterrupted and high definition video viewing by downloading the MX PLAYER APK.

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