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IMO APK Download For Android OS – Latest Version!

IMO APK Download: We feel good when we want to see our loved ones and abruptly they appear. It feels really amazing and the feeling that can’t be expressed that comes out. This happens most of the times that at very important moments of our lives we are unable to see our love ones. But in this contemporary world, this is nothing but a myth that we can’t see them. Now, you all must be thinking I am talking about video calls; so, I will say yes I am talking about the video calls only but I want to add something this thing that I am talking about the free video calls. Yes, you all heard right I am talking the free video calls and not only video calls but I would like to introduce you all to an app that not only offers the video calls but this app offers unlimited chatting, sharing of medias and also it helps you to reach people who are at distant locations. Yes, my friends I am talking about the IMO app. I feel you all must have heard about this app because of its increasing popularity. Let’s find out it working and the procedure to download it.

IMO APK Download For Android OS – Latest Version!

What is IMO?

Let’s start this article with a small introduction of this app. IMO is a very popular app that is basically used for free video calling and chatting. It also offers you the services like sharing media with your friends and family. It even allows multiparty video calling and also gives about 100 stickers to express yourself. The services that it provides have caught the eye of the users and because of this only the popularity of this app is increasing day by day. There are millions of users of who are using it all the time and they also feel connected with family and friends.

How is it installed?

After hearing so many I the one and only that must be clicking in your mind is that how to get this app in your system. See friends if you are using an android phone then it’s quite easy for you all to download it. As this app is available on the Playstore, so, you all can download it from there. You just need to go the Playstore than write IMO in the search box and wait for the results. I feel it will appear first in the list and from there you can download it.

After downloading it, an icon of this app will appear on the homepage of your phone. After seeing that you just need to click on it and install it in your system.

After its installation, it will ask very simple things to do like a registration that you can do by G+ or by typing the information asked. After that, it will give you the option to upload your DP (display picture) and also to write the status. After the few simple steps, you all will be able to use the app. This app will use your phonebook of contacts which will enable this app to find out who are your friends and family members who are active on this IMO or can who actually uses it.

One thing is to note that this app will not give any information regarding any unknown person who is not present in your contact list. For security reasons, this app gives you an option known as Block. Mainly this option is used to stop unwanted messages and video calls that can come from unknown numbers.

Benefits of using IMO

This app has enough services to offer us. This app provides high-quality video calling. And not video calling it gives the option to have multiparty video calling where you can talk to more than two people at the same time. Apart from this it also offers you the unlimited messaging option with 100 stickers to express yourself. In the case, you don’t want to make video calls you can also go for the option of voice call and this will not charge you a single penny. This app is not only for the android users but the people who are using the Iphones/ Ipads can also go for using it.

So, this can be considered as one of the best apps that offers so many without charging money.

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