iMessage For Android APK Download [Official] – Latest Version!

iMessage For Android: Today there are lots of apps available in the Google Playstore, and most of the apps are free to download and install. Whereas, some of the apps have in-app purchases which mean you need to pay for the app’s premium features. But today in this article I am going to tell you about an app which you would love to download and install on your Android device named as iMessage.

iMessage is one of those apps which is mainly developed for iOS for using as a text messaging system from both iPhone to iPhone using their device ID. But the iMessage app can be shifted from iPhone to Android device.

In this way, you are allowed to send or shift the iMessage, but on Android, you won’t get access like an iPhone because the default system was made for the iPhone, and the app is not available in Google Playstore, there are  some similar apps like WhatsApp and Hike. iMessage is very attractive because of the application has a very simple layout and it works same as the standard messaging system in your phones but with additional features.

iMessage For Android – Download

iMessage For Android

So, you can download iMessage and install on Android device, and there is a method, but before that, we will emphasize the different of iMessage and normal message in mobiles phones.

iMessage for Android: Things you need to know!

This app is actually created for iOS operating system, as we know the message can be known in appearing the colors of the message, now, iMessage for Android device. So, to use the iMessage on the Android device, you are required to get the iMessage app and then you can use the app on your Android device. After that, you will get the entire contact list of your friends. But again it was not that safe for long term basis to use the app by going through the privacy of the app due to the message send are routed in the third party, this access the redirection of the message into iOS server.

Some of the different of normal message and iMessage For Android to know on device!

Notification of messages are same in both iMessage and Whatsapp, Facebook, but you can make it clear that the message if it showed it blue color than the message is from the iMessage and if the message is shown in green colors then the message is from others.


These are the differences between iMessage and the normal messaging system; the iMessage app plays an important role for the Android users although it is not created for the Android device it can still be used by the Android users too. But we have the solution for you. So, are you ready to use the app on your Android device? If you are ready to use this multi-function app on your device, you can follow the step by step guide mentioned below download the iMessage and install on your android device.

Step to download and how to install the iMessage For Android app for your phone:

Follow the below given steps to know how to install the app on the Android phones.

  • First, you have to download the apk file from any genuine site for your PC or laptop. You can also directly download the apk file on your Android phone too.
  • If the downloading is completed, you need to connect your phone to the computer, to copy the APK file from it.
  • Now, you need to move the app file to your Android device to install, here, you need to allow the unknown source option to allow the installation of the file.
  • After that, you can start the installation of the apk file on your phone.
  • Now, if the installation is completed , you will be asked to verify with the user number.

In this way you can download the file for your mobile phone by the indirect method. So, you can see we have discussed about the iMessage app for the Android and how it is different from the normal message, I hope you can follow the step and points easily which are mentioned in the above. So, if you have any doubt or question you do leave a comment or share your opinion with us.

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