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Google Play Store Apk Download for Android – Latest Version!

Google Play Store Apk: In the present age, most of us are using a smartphone and mostly an Android device. Comparing to other operating systems, Android is the best and most popular operating system only because of its unique features and accessibility. Android OS is basically designed in such way that it can work perfectly on smartphones and tablets. Android is the largest using operating system worldwide and the best selling OS in tablets from last 3 years. When we buy any Android device, we need to download our favorite apps.

Google play store is the only place from where we can download all our necessary apps. Google play store was officially launched on 6th March 2012, fetching together the Android market, Google music and Google eBook store beneath one umbrella. It was their main digital distribution strategy to capture the whole market. According to sources, Google play store has published more than 2.2 million apps, and it has more than 50 billion downloads till date. Here is a little description about Google Play Store

Google Play Store APK – Garden of apps!

Google Play Store Apk

After buying any Android device, we will notice pre-installed apps in the device. Among those apps, the most important app is Google play which is the official app store for any Android device. We need to download almost all of our necessary apps from Google play store.

Google play store is the official store of Google to download different apps, games or any other things for android phone, tablets or recent smart TV’s. This is mainly a digital distribution service which is operated and developed by Google. Google play store gives access to all the Android users to surf all the available apps for free of cost, and the user can download any of his selected apps or games from Google play store. We won’t be able to access our Android powered devices suitably without Google play Store. We can get all our essential apps, games or any other content which are very essential for our Android devices from this Google play store.

Google Play Store Apk Download


The most vital apps or tools for any Android device that is Google play music, Google play books, Google play movies & TV and Google play newsstand comes under this Google play store. We can see all of these apps on any Android device from where we can download and buy different types of media and apps. Though all the services of Google play store are not available in all countries, but Google is working on it, and everyone is expecting to use all its components across the world pretty soon.

How to download Google Play Store Apk?


All though Google play store provides millions of accessible apps including other Google apps, but you won’t get the Google play store apk in Google play store as a downloadable apk. So most of the times it comes pre-installed with almost all the Android devices. Just in case you if did not get it pre-installed then what you will do? Sometimes after rooting an Android device Google play store gets deleted, what will you do in that situation?

You need no need to worry about that since you can download the setup file means the apk file from any third party site. Just go to Google from your PC or mobile and search for “Google Play store”and you all you need to do is to download the APK file and install it and you are done. From Google play store you can download apps for free of cost. But all apps are not free, some apps you need to buy. It depends on upon you, which apps or games are you trying to get from the android market.

Features of Google Play Store Apk


Google play store usually provides free of cost apps, which are accessible worldwide except few countries under United States Embargoes and all the paid apps are available in 135 countries. If you don’t have an android device then also you can download those apps from Google play store via a PC from the Google play website and later on you can install the downloaded apks by transferring the files in your device. If you own an Android with internet connection, then you can download and run every apps or game at any time you want. By using Google Play Store, you can access the below facilities too.

  • Music

Google play store comes with an online music store where you can get more than 35 million songs, and it provides cloud storage up to 50,000 songs which is free of cost. Not only that you will be given a subscription music streaming service named Google play music though this service is presently available only in 58 countries.

  • Books

If you are a book lover and prefer reading eBooks then this the best place for you because here you will get more than 5 million eBooks. Books purchased from here are stored in cloud and when you will download it will come in either PDF or in EPUB format.

  • Movies and TV shows

You can download your favorite movies and TV shows from here, and the best thing is you will get most of the movies and TV shows in High Definition. Movies can be borrowed or purchased. Movies are present in 70 countries, but TV shows are available only in 8 countries.

  • News publications and magazines

Google play allows subscriptions to news publications; it is available in both paid and free. All magazines in Google play offers a minimum of 14 days trial. Though you can’t access this facility worldwide.


Google play store is the only official store by Google where you will get all your necessary apps. To access all the facilities of Google play store you need to register yourself first by using your Gmail ID. Downloading apps is very easy from here. All you need to do is to type the name of the app you want to install, and by tapping the install, you can install and access any app. Google play store is the heart of any Android operated device as without it you won’t be able to use your favorite apps.

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