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Minecraft Pocket Edition APK for Android Mobile – Free Download

Minecraft Pocket Edition APK is a very popular and entertaining Minecraft game. It is considered to be one of the most intellectual games too. Millions of people from all over the world are very much crazy about it and downloading. Daily over millions of downloads is going to place by the gamers. Download Minecraft Pocket Edition APK and play the game whenever you want on your Android phone.

In this post, we are going to give you the download link of latest Minecraft Pocket Edition  APK v0.15.8.0  and also discuss all the amazing features of this new edition. Here, we are giving you the download link of Minecraft game along with MOD 1 and MOD 2 which are the important part of the game. Minecraft Pocket Edition is a premium game which you can find on Google play store and the price is listed at $6.99 or INR 479.56. And till now over 10,000,000 purchases have been done for this game. So, you can understand how popular this game is.

Minecraft Pocket Edition APK with REALMS:

Minecraft Pocket Edition APK

Minecraft is the best game to explore yourself into the another world. It’s the most adventurous game for many gamers. Although, the game has not so high graphics but still it’s the most played as well as most downloaded game from the web. Minecraft is all about building blocks, placing them to build anything you want and doing all the adventurous things and doing fun. You can build your own castles, bridges, roads even you can build your own golf stadium.  Also, you will be given to some tasks which you need to be complete and for that you can use much help. You will have tools and weapons to build as well as to fight with villains. Yes! the game will have villains too.

You can explore a whole new world and can do anything you want. You can dig a pond or fill an empty place, build buildings, build your own towns and lot more. You will have armors and weapons to defend yourself from the intruders or giants and goblins. The Minecraft Pocket Edition has Survival and Creative modes, Multiplayer option which you can play over local wi-fi, and a wide collection of randomly generated worlds. In Minecraft, you can craft, create and breed anywhere you want. In the game, you will have a pet too, like a dog, a horse or many animals. As long as your Android phone has the battery for playing, you will never stop Minecrafting for sure.

Newly added features in Minecraft Pocket Edition APK

The new release of Minecraft Pocket Edition APK has come with many features. The latest feature is ‘MINECON skins’ which is available for the limited time offer and you will get it from Google play store. The offer will be expired on 7th October 2016. So, before it, grab the offer and get the new skin for your Minecraft Pocket edition. There is a promo code for that and the code is – “MINECON2016”. And to get it, go to the play store link which is – ‘https://play.google.com/redeem?code=MINECON2016‘.

The latest and updated Minecraft Pocket Edition game has included pistons, jungle temples, texture packs, Xbox Live support including Achievements. And the best part of the update is, it’s launched new service called ‘Realms’. It’s the best and easiest way to connect and play with your friends through cross-platforms anytime and anywhere. The service is free for first 30 days. So, get the free trial today with Minecraft Pocket Edition APK today.

 Some unique features of Minecraft Pocket Edition APK

  • you can manufacture various structures in the game as a player.
  • You will be offered various items in the game like blocks and use these you can build anything you want.
  • Sound quality is excellent with the diverse music player.
  • Minecraft is a very addictive gameplay. Once you involved yourself in it, you will just flow yourself with all these amazing features.
  • Play as a group with your friends over the local wi-fi connection.
  • Most popular game with the rating of 4.5 out of 5 by the users worldwide.
  • In MOD 1, you can unlock many premium skins.
  • And In MOD 2, you can play with survival mode where your character in the game can’t get hurt.
  • The MINECON skin pack is only valid for Minecraft Pocket edition game if downloaded from Google Play store.
  • The new version will have support for a brand new service ‘Realms’ whee yu can connect with up to 10 friends through cross-platform any time at anywhere.
  • Also, it has Xbox live support with achievements.
  • The game supports Android Version 2.3 to latest 6.0.1.

Download Minecraft Pocket Edition APK (Latest):

You have to buy the game from Google Play store to get all the amazing features. Some special offers will be there which has a validity period. So, grab all these offers before it expires. Go through the below Google play store link and get the gameplay.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition

Also, we are giving you the free download link of Minecraft APK along with MOD 1 and MOD 2. Enjoy the game now to its fullest.

1. Minecraft APK

2. Minecraft MOD 1 APK

3. Minecraft MOD 2 APK

Keep visiting our website for getting the latest Minecraft Pocket Edition APK. Whenever a new version will release, we will put the APK file here on our website.  So, you may bookmark this page and it will be easier for you to find us. Happy playing.

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