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Name Amnesia – Room Escape Games
Category Puzzle
Size 87.8MB
Popularity 7486
Publisher Escape Adventure Games
Score 6.0
Publish Date 22/10/2021
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Amnesia – Room Escape Games Large currency

Amnesia – Room Escape Games Game Introduction :

Solve the mystery puzzle. Find an antidote to save your own life in new adventure escape games. This time someone poisoned you and erased your memory. To find the cure you’ll have to search the building, open doors, solve puzzles, escape room by room, and unravel the mystery of the strange circumstances you find yourself in. Intriguing room escape games you’ve been waiting for!
= House Escape with Mystery Adventures =
🔒 Thrilling adventure puzzle games in escape room style
🔑 Intricate brain-teasers, challenging puzzles, complicate riddles
🔓 Huge house with many rooms and hiding places
🗝️ Various locations and high-quality graphics
🔒 Plot twists like in classic detective escape room games
🔑 Clues and hints to help you play
🚪 Free escape games offline
Imagine having a total amnesia and death threat. The antidote is hidden in a huge mansion of puzzles and riddles where every detail or object means something, each step must be well thought through, and every movement calls for a brainstorm. Try and show what your mind is capable of. Challenge your brain in puzzle escape games with a detective storyline and miscellaneous riddles, enigmas and mini-games.
Discover a new kind of escape quest. You’ll need to search the house to find what you need. But it won’t be that simple. There are numerous challenging puzzles, hidden clues and useful objects. Each room needs a thorough investigation. Train your logical skills with mystery adventure games.
No room is the same, no riddle is simple. Point and click escape will take you through an interesting story and gives you a mystery which is fun to solve. Sometimes it’s hard to find a clue, but you’ll have a chance to be like a real detective that pays attention to each detail to solve the enigma. Boost your deductive and logical skills with new room escape games.
If you like playing mystery adventure games in a classic escape room genre, these escape room games are your new challenge. Amnesia is an adventure escape jam-packed with logical puzzles you love. Can you beat these free escape games without hints? Try and see, then come for more puzzle escape games. We have many mystery adventures and scary puzzles in escape the room style. Check out our page “Escape Adventure Games” and wait for more free escape games offline.

Amnesia – Room Escape Games Game screenshot :

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