Aptoide Apk v8.2.0.4 Download for Android Mobile – Latest Version!

Aptoide is an Android app through which you can install one of the largest online app stores on your Android phone. Android users might be heard about this online app store as it’s a most popular online store and host millions of apps and games. Also, it may possible that some of the Android users think that Google Play store is the only Android app store available in the market, so they only trust it and go for it. But, Google Play store is not the lone marketplace of Android apps. There is others option available.

Aptoide store is the one that you can consider the best alternative option to Google play store. Aptoide is very popular on Samsung Galaxy phones, tablets and Notes. Any Android device would support Aptoide APK and it’s totally freely available. Aptoide is an independent Android app market store on which you will get all the apps and games even the apps which you can’t find on Google play store. One of the easiest ways to install Android games and apps and the place where you will find all the latest version of apps and new games in Aptoide. And you must install this APK on your Android phone if you are facing the problem of incompatible apps that are downloaded from Google play store.

Aptoide Apk Download – Best Alternative to Google Play Store

Aptoide Apk

The latest version of Aptoide APK will give you the access to one of the largest Android stores – Aptoide store. Here, you will found all your Android games and apps totally free, even some apps or games which are Premium that means you need to be paid for downloading them, you can get the free version of them from Aptoide store. Android app developers also uploaded their apps here on Aptoid store for beta testing and sometimes you will found the new or updated version of any Android app first on Aptoid than other stores.

Downloading apps from Aptoide store is very easy and simple and fast as well. Moreover, Aptoid store allows OEM developers, telecom companies and other companies to upload and distribute their Android apps on their store so that millions of Android users can easily access them. You will get free applications as well as free repositories of Android files.

You can manage your private independent store on Aptoide . There you will have the permission to upload your favorite apps, games, software etc. It is the main and basic difference of Aptoide store from Google play store. Each user can manage their apps on the store. Those apps which you need for constant use, you can easily add them on your own private store. Not only this, even you can share your own apps socially with your friends and other peoples and invite them to download the apps that they want.

Latest version Aptoide APK is available.


Aptoide APK latest version is available now and you can download it from the official Aptoide download website. Always go for the genuine official version as there will be many websites available which will redirect you from one site to another instead of giving you the download link. Also, we are giving you the download link here, so you can easily get it from here.

One thing you must need to know before downloading the Aptoide APK is it is not available on play store of Google. That means third-party website download will be required and for this, you must have enabled ‘unknown sources’ option on your Android phone.

Features of Aptoide APK app store:

  • Aptoide app store is available in all the countries worldwide. The app store is totally free and reliable option for the Android users.
  • Aptoide APK is absolutely freely available.
  • It is a huge online store of Android apps. You will found a huge collection of free as well as paid apps and games here.
  • It hosts several app stores. You will have the option to choose the desired version of a particular app from multiple stores.
  • You will have the opportunity to create your private store on Aptoide . It provides a space for you to upload your favorite apps and software and also share with other peoples.
  • You can easily share the games and apps through social media like Facebook etc.
  • Apps and games on Aptoide receive regular updates. Also, you will be getting notified if there is any update available on any of your installed apps.
  • It has amazing download manager option. It will let you view the downloading progress, pause as well as resume them.

Download and install Aptoide App store.

Important Note: Before downloading, go to Settings > Security > Unknown Sources and make it enable on your Android phone.

Now, click on the below download link to download the Aptoide APK latest version 7.2.

1. Once the download completed, the APK will be saved into your device’s memory card.

2. Go there and tap on the ‘Aptoide APK’ and the installation will be started.

3. Just follow the instructions on the screen and tap on ‘Install’ button and wait for few seconds. Your Aptoide APK will be installed now. Open it and just enjoy the amazing features of this app.

Final Words:

Aptoide APK is the online Android App store where you can find any app that are deleted from play store many times ago or which you need to pay money on there, but on Aptoide it is totally free. So, it will definitely be a great fun as you can enjoy a premium app for free.

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