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ADAWAY APK – Download AdAway for Android Mobile [Latest Version]

Adaway is an App which is used to block those Ad which disturbs you during your Entertainment and also blocks any pop – up which comes while you are surfing or browsing on the Android device. This Application also permits us to select the host files from your Android device. This App also provides you the function of creating a wish list of different websites in which we can add exception which we want to Add, As usual, this type of Application also provides the function to its user that we can also add extra hosts to our blacklist if we wish to add, we can do anything related to its settings whatever we want to do, we can configure our settings as per our preferences.

The most important thing which we must have to know about this App is that, to use this App we must have need of a rooted device, it is not possible to access all the features of this App if our Android device is not rooted yet, hence the rooting process is most important thing for using the features of this App. But as we know there is the solution for every problem, so to solve this problem, we have to download an another application , such applications are Towelroot from UP to Down.

ADAWAY APK Download for Android [Latest Version]


AdAway is a great App and also we can say that an excellent tool which helps you to get rid of Ads which creates disturbance during browsing, it blocks all ads, As this App is not Available on Google play store, but it is available with lots of great features and also have great function. Its interface which is available for the user is not complicated, it is so simple that and convenient that user can easily use it, and it is also very easy to set up. It was removed from Google play store because of violation of section 4.4 of the Developer Distribution Agreement, we can install it by using F – Droid. It requires Android version of 2.1.

AdAway is an open source which is available for Android as an Ad  blocker

Features of ADAWAY:

  • One of its great features is that it can block ads by using the host files: Adaway is an app and it is used to block the ad which uses the host files which are located on the system. This file contains a list of mapping between the Internet protocol (IP addresses) and hostnames. When you install Adaway on your phone or device, whenever any app or game show an advertisement, the request is directly redirected to the IP address which provide no result.
  • Adaway also blocks ads via 3rd party server.
  • Adaway is an open source and available free
  • Adaway allows you to choose your own source of hosts files
  • Adaway has a feature by which you can add exceptions which make you feel odd to your wish list if App is not working when exact host are blocked.
  • We can describe more host names in our own Blacklist.

Requirements for Adaway Apk:

  • First of all, it required Android version of 2.1. Without it, you can not use this app and its feature
  • Root is most important thing which is required for using this app
  • Read or write access should be on system – partition

Note: sometimes problems arises on some HTC devices when system partition is not possible to write.

Adaway Apk Versions:

  • Recent version: Adaway 3.1.2, it was created on 16th of July 2016.
  • Old version: Adaway 3.1, it was created on 29th of April 2016
  • Old version: Adaway 3.0.2
  • Old version: Adaway 3.0
  • Old version: Adaway 2.9.2
  • Old version: Adaway 2.9.1
  • Old version: Adaway 2.8.1
  • Old version: Adaway 2.8
  • Old version: Adaway 2.7
  • Old version: Adaway 2.6
  • Old version: Adaway 2.5
  • Old version: Adaway 2.3
  • Old version: Adaway 2.2
  • Old version: Adaway 2.1
  • Old version; Adaway 2.0
  • Oldest version of Adaway is: Google play version.

How to install Adaway:

Most of the Android apps are available free of cost, but they come with ads, such as Banner ads which never go away, flash ads which take the whole screen etc. As we know that this App is not available on Google play store so there is alternative method is present to download this App, this method is known as the third party App store.

To download an ad blocker first we have to install a third-party app store by using F – Droid. Below mentioned are the steps for downloading ad blocker by using F – Droid.

  • Step 1: first of all open web browsers on your phones, you will get the option of downloading F – droid, f-droid is an installable catalog of free and open source software application.
  • Step 2: when you hits on the option of download F – Droid button next you will get a message which shows that this app can harm your device Tap Ok button.
  • Step 3: Now open Apk file which you have downloaded. If you do not have install this app from unknown sources, you will see a different popup. Open the settings and then check the option which tells Unknown sources. Hit the ok button on the warning message.
  • Step 4: At the end go back and click the button on the FDroid.apk file and install it.

This is the process of installing F – Droid

Now we can Download Adaway, open F-droid app and write Adaway for searching it on f-droid, you get Adaway open it and tap the sign of plus to download a recent version of this Apk file. You can also select the old version all are available on F-droid.

Adaway Apk is one of the great apps which helps users to get rid of ads which interrupt during entertainment and browsing, it also has a great feature that it blocks the ads via 3rd party server, it does not require a vast version of Android users can install it on 2.1 version. Rooting is most important and must require for using this app, so we can say that Adaway is one stop solution to get rid of interruption.

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